Kelly Harris is the coach for women’s rowing at Marietta College and is looking for a couple of refs for a regatta on April 3rd in Marietta. The stipend is $100 and this should be a great event. If you can make it please send a note to Kelly at kh003@marietta.edu or to me and I will forward your name.
Roger RBailey313@aol.com


Happy Spring to all, 

I hope the 2010 racing season finds you all well and ready for the busy season. 

I want to send along a couple of housekeeping reminders. 

First – please sign your USRowing waivers.  They can be found online when you already have a USRowing full privileged membership:
Go To:usrowing.org
JOIN/RENEW (upper right hand corner)
Fourth link down, Sign Your Waiver Online
Enter- USRowing membership number and the password is your zip code.
Click accept.  Your waiver will be signed.

 All candidates must sign a waiver as well, so make sure you have a few paper copies with you. Snail mail the signed copies to our new referee liaison, Lucinda Keck, at USRowing headquarters.

 Second, please make sure your membership is all paid up and active.

There are many of us who are not currently paid up.  Please get your membership current ASAP!!!!  We don’t want to find ourselves in a bind when we ourselves may not be current members.

 Third, and this is primarily for Chiefs, please make sure you annouce the “Official Regatta Time” at each regatta.  All coaches, coxswains and referees should adjust their watches to your time…you are the official time.

 Lastly, please read the Rules of Rowing before your first regatta and refresh yourself on them throughout the season.  We have a few changes this year and we need to be on top of them.

 Have a safe and successful Spring season, Joe

Referee Clinic Materials


As a followup to the clinic we had, below is one of the links forthe cold water clinic that Matt presented.

Cold Water Boot Camp
I’ll post the powerpoints when I have an opportunity.

Regatta Northwest Inc. will once again offer a Referee discount on their floatation suits.  The offer ends March 12th.  www.regattanorthwest.com.

1.  Regatta Northwest will offer Referees the “Active” flotation suit at a 10% discount for USRowing Referees
2.  Orders must be received by March 12 to receive this discount. http://www.regattanorthwest.com.  The earlier you get your orders in > the quicker you will get your suit.
3.   Only the “Active” model will be available this year.
4.   Order on-line, type your referee number and “r’eferee special”. comment’ box at www.regattanorthwest.com
5.     No personalization on suits this year. Use the sizing chart.
6.      Payment will be made directly with  Regatta Northwest therefore credit cards can be used. – From Bob Weiss

Referee Clinic – Notice

Just a reminder to all of you that, on Sunday March 14th. there will be a referee clinic in Westerville, Ohio from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Sunday March 14th.  The address is 4111 Executive Parkway in Westerville and we will hold the clinic in the third floor conference room.  Lunch will be brought in for $5/person (Subs).

 We will be covering some basic rules and the 2010 changes.
We will have our self graded quiz on referee  decision making.
A medical presentation on rowing injury, hypothermia and best first aid practices for referees. Dr. Matt Chase.

A presentation on foul weather officiating.  Cold, wind, thunderstorms, etc.
Presentation on shell rescue and proper methods of recovering a shell.
Local regatta (Ohio, WV, Mi.) sign up sheets.

 Roger Bailey
USRA Clinician